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How I can help you

When a chief executive invites me to “take a seat” inside his or her head, that’s when a dynamic communications strategy is born.  Because the savvy CEO understands that effective communication is not operational, it’s inspirational. The ability to inspire action through communications is the most vital attribute of a strategically focused, innovative and highly effective communications counsel who:

• Sees communications and marketing opportunities in every situation

• Passionately pursues meaningful information

• Matches messaging to the culture of an organization and stays true to its brand 

• Inspires teams to contribute creative ideas in the common pursuit of a goal

• Translates complex concepts into understandable “sound bites” and actionable strategies

• Rapidly assesses organizational needs for more effective brand messaging and delivers a solution 


What I bring to the table

With more than 20 years as a trusted advisor to CEO’s, senior leadership and boards of trustees, I have often been told that my work ethic, energy and endurance are unmatched, and I have earned a reputation for developing and effectively implementing strategies that:

• Proactively build trust with media to increase positive perception of an organization and its brand

• Motivate employees to support organizational change or rebranding

• Enhance employee understanding of mission, vision and strategy

• Prepare executives to respond to crisis and reputational threats

• Identify and mentor talent to develop effective communications teams


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