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"During her seven years at MetroHealth, I enjoyed many collaborations with Eileen on brand, mission, and our service to the community.  Eileen approaches each challenge with energy, intelligence, and a remarkable ability to put herself in the shoes of the people whose hearts we hope to touch.  She builds trust with her honesty, fresh insights, and her ability to foster a creative process that brings others in so the result is our solution, not her solution."

Alfred F. Connors, Jr., M.D.. Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

The MetroHealth System, Cleveland, Ohio

"Eileen Korey is the leader's finest teammate. Believing that leadership is not a position, but actually the action taken to serve others, Eileen has the amazing ability to guide her colleagues to do just that. She has awareness and compassion, which allows her to effectively message and plan execution for the good of the whole. Eileen should be a 'first round draft pick' on any team that desires to be great."

James P. Tressel, President, Youngstown State University

"It has been a true pleasure for me to work with you - first at University Hospitals of Cleveland, but much more significantly at The University of Akron.  You have been pro-active in your representation of the institution, and your advice on many delicate issues of public relations strategy and tactics has been immensely helpful to me and the Board.  So, thanks for your many contributions to the well-being and progress of the University.”

Richard W. Pogue, former Board Chair, The University of Akron and

former Board Chair, University Hospitals of Cleveland 

"What I have found refreshing about working with Eileen Korey on several high profile rebranding initiatives are her strategic insights and ability to embrace and facilitate the creative process.  She earns the respect of peers and partners by listening intently and fostering a true collaboration that yields the most compelling and strategically-aligned creative solution."

Sarah  Melamed, President, Melamed Riley Advertising 

"Eileen Korey combines a talent for storytelling with an ability to delve deeply into complex issues and simplify communications to be strategic and meaningful.  I was most impressed with her ability to ask incisive questions to truly understand what my own thoughts were, and then use the answers to those questions to formulate compelling messaging.  Her work ethic and thirst for new knowledge impressed others on the senior leadership team.  And her enthusiasm inspired them as well.”  
Luis M. Proenza, President Emeritus, The University of Akron
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